Revere 14 Count

Revere 14 count is a blackjack strategy brought forward by Lawrence Revere. This strategy helped people to understand and to figure out what it took to win blackjack games. The Revere 14 count is a really effective strategy in blackjack. Lawrence Revere wrote a book based on the experience that he gathered by being on both sides of the table.

Revere has been known as one of the very first and true entrepreneurs of blackjack. However, he did not include Revere 14 count strategy in his book. This strategy was sold separately by him and the tradition is still followed even after his death by his family members. The Revere 14 count strategy is one of the most complicated yet on the same time, most effective blackjack strategies. This is a four level count.

In the Revere 14 Count strategy, the cards had different counts. The +2 count was given for cards 6,3 and 2 whereas +3 count was given to 4 and +4 to the card 5. 7 had the lowest positive count of +1. The King, Queen, Jack and 10 had negative count of -3 and 9 had negative count of -2. The Ace and 8 had neutral counts.

In the early days, this Revere 14 count strategy had been really popular. However, as one had to do a lot of mental calculations and because of the emergence of new count strategies, the popularity of this strategy lost its charm. However, the Revere 14 count strategy is a really strong one as with its help, a player can identify 65 percent situations in which the Basic strategies are to be applied. Even then, the usefulness of this strategy has lost its appeal to the newer ones as the advancement of technology has given birth to more efficient count techniques.